IMG_0354The only show that I’ve been obsessed with enough to keep up with exclusively in the last few years is Glee.  I realized that I was pouring so much energy in keeping up with the show that I might as well try something new with VDCC, my outlet for thoughts on different media, and have a blog series. Why not chat it up about Glee? Why, I think I might.

This post is a recap/review of episodes 1-7 and episode 8 (though separately), so beware of spoilers.  After this recap/review, there will be a recap/review of each episode thereafter (I hope).

So without further ado, let’s talk about singing.

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SF Fight!I recently bought a PS3 and have been muddling my way through the unimpressive library of PS3 exclusive titles.  Having had an XB360 since early 2006 and a Wii for nearly as long, the PS3 and I have a lot of time to make up together.

Just recently I rented and beat Heavenly Sword, a “first generation” (meaning one of the first releases) title for the PS3.  As mentioned here and elsewhere on this blog, I have gotten to run through a few titles on the console that heavily use the Wiimote sensor.  When Sony announced the Sixaxis controller, critics immediately saw the feature as a gimmick that would try to rival the Wiimote, and pitifully at that.  But now that this faithful critic and all around observer has had a chance to lay hands on both, what’s the verdict?

To emphasize the point, I am only comparing one PS3 game to every Wii game I’ve ever played.  Very unfair odds on either account, but I’ve noticed some very interesting things that have led me to believe there may be a clearer winner than someone may think.

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At my local movie theater, fifteen of about twenty screens were dedicated to midnight or later showings of the film. Two lines wrapped around the building, one of them running up to the edges of the parking lot; another line trailed deep into the parking lot. I arrived an hour and twenty minutes early, and was one of the last people in the prepaid ticket line. The other lines, in which people had been waiting for hours, had not yet moved when the line for the 11:59 showing began shuffling inside. Guards and policemen were all over the theater, double-checking tickets and talking to suspected cutters-in-line. The theater I was in was packed to the rafters. Ladies and Gentlemen, the sixth installment of Harry Potter is here.

But is it worth all of the hubbub, hullabaloo, and rigamarole?

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Artist: Stateless

Album: Stateless (2007)

Song: “Bloodstream”

Smooth, beautiful, and meaningful, Stateless has created a song that simply and perfectly embodies the aching of a love separated. Separated on what terms, one can’t be sure – but the connection between the speaker and the object of his desire has not dissipated. A haunting song that almost all of us can relate to, “Bloodstream” is different from the rest of Stateless’ self-titled 2007 trip-hop album. While other tracks are in different frenetic degrees but just as serious, “Bloodstream” stands out as the most memorable and poignant, though the rest of the album is certainly worth a listen, especially in the varied approaches this band has to its genre within the album, making it serve as a good introduction to the genre of Trip-Hop itself.

Suggested Further Listening from This Artist: “This Language”

First Listen Setup: This is another one for a dark room at night with no distractions.

Video below.

No promises, but I’m going to try and post a few things over the rest of the summer. I just renewed the domain, so it seems like I should at least make an effort, right? Right.

Upcoming: A few VDCC Radio posts, as well as a Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince review. I also have some reviews laying around that never made it here, so I will do what I can to get those up as well.

Happy Summer, Everyone!

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