conundrumIt’s good to be in the groove of Christmas break, and I hope all of you out there who are on some sort of break are enjoying it as much or more than I am.  I’m hoping I will be able to use what free time I have left to give some much needed attention to VDCC and Adamant’s Fire.  In the few free moments I had in the last semester, I began contemplating the scope of VDCC very seriously.  This contemplation fixated almost immediately on the two most underdeveloped categories of this site: books and music.

Books are hard for me to review when I’m not reading any, and that, very simply, is the reason that I have not.  I would love to indulge in more book reading and reviewing, but I just don’t have the time.  For this, I would highly suggest using the Request-a-Review feature that I posted some time ago.

Music is a completely different story.  I listen to music constantly.  I just don’t acquire new or new-to-me music often, or even listen to said new or new-to-me music often.  This puts me at a huge disadvantage for reviewing music.  To be a music reviewer, one has to be in the scene.  As a teacher of mine once said, it would be possible for her to watch all of a year’s film/theatrical releases, but it would be very much implausible and impossible for her to listen to the thousands upon thousands of album releases in a year.  The reviewer whose job it is to keep up with the constantly evolving music scene has trouble staying up to date on the latest rising star while checking in on old favorites and standbys.  Obviously, I am not that person, and I have not tried to be.  Yet that leaves me to ask a very important question: Can Voice from the Depths of the Cultural Coil truly purport to be a media site if it doesn’t include music?

It’s complicated.  I want to keep the site broad because not doing so will draw only a certain audience that sees any value in what is said here, but I don’t want the criticism to be watered-down, vague, unknowledgeable, and an embarrassing show of what I don’t know.  (Do you know the difference between microtonal and microsound avant-garde styles? I didn’t think so.)

Music is deep, labyrinthine and arcane.  I know that unless I am dedicated to it and willing to remain faithful to an intense study of musical stylings and gear this blog toward that, I cannot hope to provide any sort of relevant critique.  No one asks the janitor to inspect a rocket ship, amirite?

So here is what I’ve decided to do.  I will offer up a song, album, or artist  that I am currently listening to, new or old, household name or unknown talent, in a periodic feature.  The ongoing series will be called “VDCC Radio” and will host a brief description about the work or artist(s).  I think this will be much more effective and beneficial to readers than my laboring over whether some thing is New York punk or L.A. punk and getting it wrong.

I will post the first installment of this soon.  I hope you all have enjoyed my meditations on the subject, as well as the changes I have announced.  Huzzah!