Voice from the Depths of the Cultural Coil, or VDCC, is my writing project and an attempt to find a voice in the cultural storm. I have written on music, books, TV, movies, and video games, though in the future I will focus more on video games and movies.

I recently came onboard in July 2008 at ObsessedwithFilms.com as a reviewer.

While this is my more even and fair face, I have a completely uneven and biased approach to life at my other blog, Adamant’s Fire (adamanthenes.blogspot.com).

I’m always up for constructive criticism and would love to discuss criticisms with visitors, not in the interest of revising their opinions, but to improve my approach to criticism and reviewing. I would prefer comments to be kept in the PG-13 range, as I would prefer this site to stay somewhat age-safe.

More changes will come, so consider this site always under construction.

Glad to have you stop by! Stick around. It can only get better.