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Artist: Stateless

Album: Stateless (2007)

Song: “Bloodstream”

Smooth, beautiful, and meaningful, Stateless has created a song that simply and perfectly embodies the aching of a love separated. Separated on what terms, one can’t be sure – but the connection between the speaker and the object of his desire has not dissipated. A haunting song that almost all of us can relate to, “Bloodstream” is different from the rest of Stateless’ self-titled 2007 trip-hop album. While other tracks are in different frenetic degrees but just as serious, “Bloodstream” stands out as the most memorable and poignant, though the rest of the album is certainly worth a listen, especially in the varied approaches this band has to its genre within the album, making it serve as a good introduction to the genre of Trip-Hop itself.

Suggested Further Listening from This Artist: “This Language”

First Listen Setup: This is another one for a dark room at night with no distractions.

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Children’s fantasy films are a dime a dozen. Precedence for high moral, or at least ideological, content can be found at least as far back as Disney’s Snow White, and has provided an onslaught of films in the same format ever since. When the movie industry found that the classic fable/fairy tale gold mine was running dry for the profitable movie translations, it happened to strike it rich by capitalizing on the power of the modern myth. This trend brought The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter to screen, as well as part of The Chronicles of Narnia. These translated well into the format that had been provided: good fights evil, evil gains ground, but good wins miraculously. There’s a transparency in purpose there. There are details, but they are often are trapped inside the characters: Frodo doesn’t know if he can fight the power of the ring forever; Harry Potter resents the unfair leanings of the wizard world expectations; Edward succumbs to the White Witch’s temptations. While this template has succeeded for many blockbusters in the past, it is rather old, stale, and anachronistic for the forward-thinking times we live in.

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optimusmegatron.jpgChildhood-dreams-turned-technological-spectaculars have been a dime a dozen lately. They’ve even made Winnie the Pooh into a 3D adventure, for Pete’s sake. It seems nothing is sacred, untouchable, or unfathomable. Not everything was made for a digital revolution, but no one seems to be able to sit on their hands long enough to think twice about destroying the integrity of the subject.

But at least one team of transforming robots was ready to be manhandled into a flaming ball of awesomeness.

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