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underworldThis is a review of the XB360 version of the game.

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos did something that is nearly impossible for the fast-moving world of video games, where top-notch production and great story, gameplay, and innovation don’t secure success. That said, it’s harder to start a franchise and keep the quality up – which accounts for the declining quality of the Tomb Raider during the late 1990s/early 2000s. The “high low” of this decline produced Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (2003), one of the worst games to grace the gaming world in terms of the disparity between money spent and the product itself.  With the franchise flatlining, there were only two options: let the series go down in disgrace, or reinvent Lara and her tomb raiding adventures.

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Chuck Klosterman reviews Chinese Democracy.

For more on my impressions of Chuck Klosterman and getting to meet him, as well as lamentations at the chance I let slip through my fingers, see my blog post at Adamant’s Fire.

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Scientists and doctors are constantly trying to predict the next plague-like epidemic. It will infect and spread quickly, be impossible to cure immediately, and will cause the utter ruin and decay of society. But what if the epidemic, the doom of civilization, takes away not our bodies, but the sense we lean on most?

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