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I just keep getting later and later, but I have a good excuse this time, too.  Lots of things have been happening, and, as a consequence, we’ve had a veritable explosion of two more readers!  Glad to have you here!

Anyway, we’ll pick up where we left off.

On to the #21 and #20 Top Animated Films!

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Of course, I’m late again.  But the list hasn’t changed over the holiday weekend, so we will carry on as planned.

On to Week 4!

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As Scott McCloud said in Understanding Comics, humans are incredibly vain creatures.  We can see ourselves in anything – whether it’s a circle with two dots and a line to make a smiley face or our myriad imaginings of extraterrestrials, many of which are distinctly, well… like us.  Some might say that this is because we can’t imagine anything truly beyond ourselves and without connection, but others, myself included, believe it’s because we want to be able to identify with those who are different from us.  Perhaps it’s sympathy, empathy, or the need to understand, but it’s easier to feel for and relate to things that look like and act like us.  This applies from the relatively small jumps, to cartoons and the like, to the absurd leaps.  Like… robots.

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Welcome back to the Top 30 Animated Films countdown! This week we’ll be covering numbers #27 and #26 on the list. Believe me, they will probably surprise you – but hopefully not anger you. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one, shall we?

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A master stands before thousands of enemies, earthly and heavenly alike. His fists fly and his feet kick with the strength of the ultimate fighter – the Dragon Warrior. With a little help from the Furious Five, he is able to take on enemies that both outnumber and outweigh him. He is on the verge of destroying them all and going down as a legend when… he wakes up.

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