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IMG_0354The only show that I’ve been obsessed with enough to keep up with exclusively in the last few years is Glee.  I realized that I was pouring so much energy in keeping up with the show that I might as well try something new with VDCC, my outlet for thoughts on different media, and have a blog series. Why not chat it up about Glee? Why, I think I might.

This post is a recap/review of episodes 1-7 and episode 8 (though separately), so beware of spoilers.  After this recap/review, there will be a recap/review of each episode thereafter (I hope).

So without further ado, let’s talk about singing.

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The Closer CastBeing heavily toted as TV’s number one cable drama, The Closer is putting the explosive back into TNT’s schedule. Though now running reruns from both seasons Tuesday nights at 9/8c and 10/9c, this series represents the network’s best offering to viewers who have faithfully watched reruns of the X-Files and Law and Order for the last few years.

Except it isn’t just perpetual Chris Carter mourners and Dick Wolf groupies hanging around to watch the show.

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