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At my local movie theater, fifteen of about twenty screens were dedicated to midnight or later showings of the film. Two lines wrapped around the building, one of them running up to the edges of the parking lot; another line trailed deep into the parking lot. I arrived an hour and twenty minutes early, and was one of the last people in the prepaid ticket line. The other lines, in which people had been waiting for hours, had not yet moved when the line for the 11:59 showing began shuffling inside. Guards and policemen were all over the theater, double-checking tickets and talking to suspected cutters-in-line. The theater I was in was packed to the rafters. Ladies and Gentlemen, the sixth installment of Harry Potter is here.

But is it worth all of the hubbub, hullabaloo, and rigamarole?

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Chuck Klosterman reviews Chinese Democracy.

For more on my impressions of Chuck Klosterman and getting to meet him, as well as lamentations at the chance I let slip through my fingers, see my blog post at Adamant’s Fire.

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Scientists and doctors are constantly trying to predict the next plague-like epidemic. It will infect and spread quickly, be impossible to cure immediately, and will cause the utter ruin and decay of society. But what if the epidemic, the doom of civilization, takes away not our bodies, but the sense we lean on most?

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