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Every once in a while, being the victim of my mother’s television gives me a gem: Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch, TNT’s The Closer, any British Comedy shown on PBS, so on and so forth. This time it gave me nothing but a headache and a suspicion of anything with “haunted” directly in the title.

most-haunted-logo.jpgThe Travel Channel’s Most Haunted (Fridays at 10 P.M. ET/PT) is part of what I like to call the “Fright Night” hours amid other shows with variants or synonyms of “haunt” or “scary” in the title. Though all of them are a little lacking (mostly because the narrative styles are usually some variant of the Cryptkeeper), Most Haunted finds itself in a peculiar position: it purports to be real.

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The Closer CastBeing heavily toted as TV’s number one cable drama, The Closer is putting the explosive back into TNT’s schedule. Though now running reruns from both seasons Tuesday nights at 9/8c and 10/9c, this series represents the network’s best offering to viewers who have faithfully watched reruns of the X-Files and Law and Order for the last few years.

Except it isn’t just perpetual Chris Carter mourners and Dick Wolf groupies hanging around to watch the show.

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