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Artist: Stateless

Album: Stateless (2007)

Song: “Bloodstream”

Smooth, beautiful, and meaningful, Stateless has created a song that simply and perfectly embodies the aching of a love separated. Separated on what terms, one can’t be sure – but the connection between the speaker and the object of his desire has not dissipated. A haunting song that almost all of us can relate to, “Bloodstream” is different from the rest of Stateless’ self-titled 2007 trip-hop album. While other tracks are in different frenetic degrees but just as serious, “Bloodstream” stands out as the most memorable and poignant, though the rest of the album is certainly worth a listen, especially in the varied approaches this band has to its genre within the album, making it serve as a good introduction to the genre of Trip-Hop itself.

Suggested Further Listening from This Artist: “This Language”

First Listen Setup: This is another one for a dark room at night with no distractions.

Video below.


broken_social_scene_album_coverArtist: Broken Social Scene

Album: Broken Social Scene (2005)

Song: “Hotel”

Cool, laid back, vague.  “Hotel” whispers to you from the dark in the beginning, building.  It’s smoky and blurry, coming from between sleep and wake.  When it focuses, like a sleepwalker coming to, it becomes clear that it’s all sex, whether or not that was the intent.  The bass is a lure, a promise of what will happen if you follow.  The vocals ask you gently to close your eyes with sultry soft breath and effortless seduction, while the lyrics make the song feel secretive and mysterious.

First Listen Setup: In the dark, or, if you have the luxury, with blue or red colored light – eyes closed either way.  If possible,  listen to while driving at night at least once.

Click “Pop-Out Player” below to listen.

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