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SF Fight!I recently bought a PS3 and have been muddling my way through the unimpressive library of PS3 exclusive titles.  Having had an XB360 since early 2006 and a Wii for nearly as long, the PS3 and I have a lot of time to make up together.

Just recently I rented and beat Heavenly Sword, a “first generation” (meaning one of the first releases) title for the PS3.  As mentioned here and elsewhere on this blog, I have gotten to run through a few titles on the console that heavily use the Wiimote sensor.  When Sony announced the Sixaxis controller, critics immediately saw the feature as a gimmick that would try to rival the Wiimote, and pitifully at that.  But now that this faithful critic and all around observer has had a chance to lay hands on both, what’s the verdict?

To emphasize the point, I am only comparing one PS3 game to every Wii game I’ve ever played.  Very unfair odds on either account, but I’ve noticed some very interesting things that have led me to believe there may be a clearer winner than someone may think.

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underworldThis is a review of the XB360 version of the game.

Crystal Dynamics and Eidos did something that is nearly impossible for the fast-moving world of video games, where top-notch production and great story, gameplay, and innovation don’t secure success. That said, it’s harder to start a franchise and keep the quality up – which accounts for the declining quality of the Tomb Raider during the late 1990s/early 2000s. The “high low” of this decline produced Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (2003), one of the worst games to grace the gaming world in terms of the disparity between money spent and the product itself.  With the franchise flatlining, there were only two options: let the series go down in disgrace, or reinvent Lara and her tomb raiding adventures.

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Note: Due to the nature of this game, some of the language that will be used is not appropriate for children.  The game is rated M for Mature, and this review uses some of the same language.

More expensive than the standard XBLive fare, Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has something to prove.  Fans who eagerly awaited this game from the webcomic megasite Penny Arcade expect a lot.  While some of them may be disappointed, it has too many redeeming qualities to be written off as just another game.

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Note: This review is for the XB360 version of Civilization Revolution.

The PC/Console gap is a tough one to bridge, and has given quite a few crossovers the kiss of death.  The only options for making the switch are to either stuff everything into a limited interface and cross fingers, or to completely revamp the game and risk losing people in the trade-offs.  Civilization Revolution ( 2008 ) went for the latter and made risky changes to the beloved PC franchise.

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Puzzle games really aren’t my thing. I get frustrated easily, and my brain wears out after only a few mind-benders. Yet when I started playing The Orange Box, Portal was instantly one of my favorite games of all time.

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